Community, Entrepreneurship, and Our Future

This talk is an exploration of how community and a new look at entrepreneurship can change our lives and help solve the serious problems we face.

Too many of us are wasting our lives with jobs we don't like. Not only that, but too many of the companies we work for are making the world a much worse place. Some people try to "free" themselves from this with the dream of striking it rich through startups. Unfortunately, not only are the odds of succeeding are incredibly low, but the outputs of most startups also make our problems we face much worse.

But what if it were possible to tie all of this together, supporting each other to find projects that are meaningful, some of which help solve our problems, as well as create ways of living lives we find fulfilling as we earn a living doing what we find meaningful?

Time & Date

14.3.2024 at 18:00

Room opens at 17:45


Faculty of Education, Charles University

Magdalény Rettigové 47/4, Prague 1